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Eliminate dust mites in your home

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ALLERGIKA - Anti-Dust mite Spray

Contains natural occurring geraniol essential oil to eliminate dust mites and its larvae.

"Reduces the number of living house dust mites by 98%"(1)

Geraniol is derived from rose, is 34 times more effective than the commercial mite-controlling substance benzyl benzoate. 

In a study, geraniol was proven the most effective compound against the most common dust mite species in Singapore 

D. farinae and D. pteronyssinus. (2)

  • Harmless to humans and animal

  • No synthetic insecticides

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Avoidance of dust mites using bedding encasings are an effective way  to control your allergies as 72% of dust mites are found in the bed.


These encasings are the no. 1 in the prescription of encasings in Germany and are clinically proven.


Its features are:

  • Light-weight and comfortable textiles 

  • Impermeable to dust mites and its droppings (1 - 5 µm)

  • High air and vapour permeability

  • No PVC plasticiser 



Travel bag encasings are also available so that you are protected from allergens even during your travels. 

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Tested efficacious against small mite proteins

Certified free from toxic substances

Awarded "Suited for people with allergies"

Textile testing research lab deemed breathable and comfortable

(1) Conducted by the independent laboratory BMA-Labor in Bochum

(2) Jeon et al., Mite-Control Activities of Active Constituents Isolated from Pelargonium graveolens Against House Dust

Mites, J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. (2008), 18(10), 1666–1671

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