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allerimmune APP


Never forget to take your Oraltek again!

Adherence to the therapy is a very important factor to the success of your treatment. Allerimmune App can help you adhere to your Oraltek prescription. This is specially designed with patients in mind and it is also a way for your doctor to monitor your progress.

Features include:

1. Daily monitoring of symptoms

2. Alarm schedule for Oraltek

3. Messaging system with clinics

Available on Google Play and App Store 


What is Oraltek Mobile App?

It helps you keep track if you have taken your medication on time. Over time, you can see your symptoms improve and visualise the reduction of reliance on other medications through graphs in “My Progress”

How do I register for the first time?

After downloading the app,

  1. Fill in your personal information,

  2. including a clinic code. This code is given from your clinic.

  3. Set your preferred reminding schedule and save.

How do I update my progress?

  1. Tap on “My Medication Diary”

  2. Tap “Yes” when you have taken

  3. Choose the severity of symptoms today

  4. Select any other medication that you have taken along side Oraltek if applicable.

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